About Mehfil e Hussaini

After the partition of Indian Sub-Continent into Bharat and Pakistan in 1947 the Khoja Community from Bharat started migration to Karachi and Hyderabad.

The Khoja Community keeping with its tradition of forming Kamats where ever they went, few elderly members of the community gathered at the residence of Late Haji Nazar Ali Lawji in 1948 and formed the first committee under the leadership of  Haji Nazar Ali Lawji and started looking for a suitable place for the jamat. In March 1949 they purchased a house at Resham Gali comprising of a big and two small rooms a verandah and open space and named it Mehfil-e-Hussaini.

1st to 10th Muharram Majlis Ashra 2022

Maulana Hafiz Irtiza Najafi

Khamsa Muharram Majlis Ashra 2022

Allama Abu Talib Tabatabai